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Hi Ed,I was involved in the pcroejt, so I can give some short background information:_ the new ATM is designed for indoor use only._ the actual machine (that holds the money, the printer, scanner, etc.) is behind the wall, easily accessible for maintenance._ The machine/software is capable of doing many more things than just withdrawing money. That's one of the reasons for using the large screen also for ads they can inform the customer of the new functions and benefits._ The machine is designed in a way that you can access it in a wheelchair._ The ATM is functional for visual impaired people (VIP) even people that are completely blind. You plug in the headphone and the ATM switches to the VIP mode which is an audio guided interface that uses three soft buttons on the bottom of the screen indicated by small bumps in the surface under the screen. We did a lot of user testing with blind people and they were very satisfied. The current five prototypes that are installed don't have that software implemented yet but the next release will bring that functionality._ Actually the physical buttons on current ATM create more trouble than you might think as today these are all soft buttons meaning there functions is a different one in different stages of a transaction and that confuses people a lot and is of no help for VIP._ So this is not the future or a vision you can fly to Madrid and try out the machine today. I recommend it ;-)Best,/philipp


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