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Hi, great progress bar .. works perceft .just an addition if you need the progress bar to change to a specific colour only at 100% (in my case red) here are the changes:in bramus/jsProgressBarHandler.js function:_setBgPosition: function(percentage)change var newBackIndex tovar newBackIndex= Math.floor((percentage-1) / (100/(this.options.barImage.length-1)));and add after that :if (percentage == 100){var newBackIndex = this.options.barImage.length-1;}so the way it works is it will cause the last image in your list of images for the progress bar to only show at 100 percent other than that whatever other images you use will work as it did before e.g. if i was using the example code where there are 4 images first one is a green bar, second yellow, thrid orange and fourth red, this new code will cause green to load until 33%, yellow until 66% and orange until 99% and red at 100%.

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